Month: July 2017

How To Learn valuation

REO and look at someone that’s got a big successful corporation and thinking that that’s a property or portfolio or someone that’s got a little soul trader business which is like a fish and chip shop you know there’s a difference between McDonald’s in the local takeaway shop make tunnel systems and procedures in place it’s the same party the same people the same bun just shuffled around a bit well the local takeaway shop will already take your order of food they’ll go and cook the food they’ll wrap your food it’s a process in place and if you can build.


A Property portfolio like a business like that yeah now most people need to borrow money yeah we haven’t got millions millions kind of Melbourne Property Valuers sitting in the bank obviously with the global financial crisis which hit pretty much most countries around the world, yeah a lot of lending is tightened up around the world is lending a problem these days again is it is just a different way of looking at it that years ago we have different problems lending to be my biggest problem is wasn’t for lending I would have properties where directories and I think.

The same things for all those yeah those always been hurdles to overcome from lending ending certainly was different a decade ago than what it is today and it’s changing on a weekly monthly basis and from that perspective you know I think that your need to be adaptive to change in the market so yeah it’s what I first started inventing probably had grand savings and I’ve saved it from working my backside off there’s a youth and you now investing that into property and in the bank to put alone against property to start off with so I think about people gone too hot too highly leveraged and to want to leverage as well and again I guess it comes back to your dreaming and why you’re doing it in the first place because just because one bank says no you didn’t give up in.